Breaking a Leg in the Labyrinth

I am not sure if any of you are familiar with the old saying “Break a Leg” which lightly translates into "off you go and do what you have to do and do it well!"

Apparently when told this, I take it too seriously.

I was so excited for this Pan’s Labyrinth themed wedding! I wanted my dress to have glitter in it to match the ballroom scene of the movie and I also wanted to incorporate the stars and moon into my outfit as these are important to Rowan and Jimmy. I did this with a pair of flat shoes that were embordered with these.

I drove to Borrodell Winery and set up while admiring the amazing view then I realized I couldn’t locate the hand made Celtic Ritual Rope required for the ceremony.

Never fear Jimmy was only a phone call away! He told me where the rope was located and I began marching down little green hill to where the reception was going to be held.

“No problem Jimmy thank you for telling me where it is, Ill go find it, Bye now”

As soon as I hit that hang up button...


Aandd I’m on the ground, with 10 minutes till go time, the bride is in the car. ON. HER. WAY!

I knew immediately I had totally stuffed my ankle, but I calmly sat there and assessed the situation… "Hmmm, I don’t think its broken, No problem, Ill just get a staff member, I’m set up anyway and ill be running on adrenaline so it fine".

I fetched a young girl who went and got a wonderful team member from the winery to help me. “Would you like us to call an ambulance?” She asked

“Oh no thank you, I’m the Celebrant and I’m not leaving until this wedding is officiated even if I have to do it on one leg!”

With her help and the help of a local musician I got back up the hill and positioned myself where I wouldn’t have to move.

No less than a minute later Jimmy was by my side waiting and moments later there she was.

I honestly completely forgot about my foot! I was so taken back by her elegance and beauty all I could do was smile. The ceremony went off without a hitch!

The celebration continued and I slipped away with a kind employer helping me carry my equipment back to my car which is an auto and I had injured my left foot so I could drive.

I thought I best take myself to emergency.

By the time I had driven to my hometown and up to the hospital I was completely immobile and couldn’t put any weight on my foot, the nurses got me a wheelchair because I was pretty useless at this point.

A couple of jokes an Xray revealing not much along with some strong pain killers along with a ultrasound the following morning which again didn't reveal much due to swelling left me a the Physio department getting fitted for a cam boot, crutches and my arms working overtime as I hopped out and home.

I saw my Dr a week later who freaked out when she saw the swelling and was even more shocked when I proclaimed, “Oh that’s much better than what it was”.

Last week (5 weeks later) I go and meet with my sonographer to finally be able to see what the go is with my still sore foot!

Sure enough we find a snapped tendon, a bunch of other tendons swollen, agitated and stretched to the hills and still more fluid... She finished up my scan by saying that she cannot see anything but she wouldn’t be surprised if I have a greenstick fracture in the center of my foot which wont show up on ultrasounds possibly and MRI.

My physio said ill be seeing a lot of them as healing is going to take a long time, but that's ok they are nice!

Even though sometimes in our jobs accidents happen, I will never forget the importance of a wedding day as a Celebrant and I will always do the best I can and never to the best of my ability allow something like this overshadow a beautiful occasion.

Even though “I did break a leg” physically, I really believe Rowan and Jimmy where the ones who were unbelievably flawless this day, by saying their vows, completing their Celtic hand tying ritual and embracing their commitment to each other!

I have no regrets about this day at all despite my little trip! I’d do it again in a heartbeat!

Thank you to Ivey Lane for their Photos.

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