Advice for the Newly Engaged

Congratulations!!! It's all happening! The most exciting day of your life is coming and it's time to start planning!

1) Put your own stamp on the Ceremony!

What better time to express yourself than by creating your own mini world to live in while celebrating the both of you and your relationship!

What makes you happy?

What's your style?

What makes you laugh?

What is uniquely you? Celebrate this at your wedding. It could be a ritual, a piece of music or even a colour theme!

2) Start thinking about your outfits

Do you want something traditional? Maybe something quirky or something that surprises your guests! Maybe you plan to fit in perfectly with the colour scheme of your decorations.

Your final choice should leave you feeling beautiful or masculine, comfortable and confident. These elements are your right of passage on your wedding day.

3) Get Creative with your Wedding Party

Have whatever formation you desire for your Bridal Party!

It's the 21st Century, who says Brides must have only Bridesmaids? Or Grooms only Groomsmen? Your Wedding, Your way! Maybe you don't want a Bridal Party? There's no rule book that says you have to! You can always skip on to the partying!

4) Don't worry about what you 'should' do view your ceremony as a chance to host an event your way. There will only be people there who support you so live it up!

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