Tips for Writing your Vows

The beauty of every Civil Wedding Ceremony is being able to add your personal elements with an expression of your thoughts and desires.

If you decide to recite personally written vows that's perfect, you could do a reading from your favorite movie or book. If you are a romantic maybe you have a poem you would like to use to reiterate your personal feelings and promises towards your partner, the possibilities are endless!

Some people are better at writing feelings than others - so ask a friend or relative who knows you well to help you if you get stuck. Your Celebrant should also have an array of suggestions and guidance to help you express your message.

Below is some tips to help you get started:

- Speak from the heart and you can't go wrong.

- Talk about what you feel for your partner.

- If you worried that you'll get to teary put in some humor in there to settle your nerves.

Prepare a practice what you've written for the perfect performance.

- Grab a beer, a cup of tea, look through some photos, reminisce while having some quite time and become inspired!

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