Sneaky, sneaky!

A random email under an alias name, I actually felt like I was part of some kind of secret society when Fiona or should I say "Sarah" messaged me to ask if I was available to marry them.

I mean, when you're trying to keep a secret from your kids and even your closest friends aka my cousin, you HAVE to make sure your Celebrant is going to be sworn to secrecy right!

So after they had my confidence Fiona, Andrew and I organized a sneaky rendezvous at dusk in what I would describe as a modern day underground bar but with a cool record player and space invaders video game!

Once the gin was poured and elements of the service was discussed we signed paperwork and chatted about how exciting it was going to be to pull this off!

The day of the Wedding Fiona and I were messaging backwards and forwards. Andrew had found some antique bells for me to ring to get everyone's attention for the announcement.

I watched from their bedroom window as guests started to arrive, some thinking they were going for family photos, some believing it was just a BBQ and others being a little curious that there was something else going on.

After the guests were settled with drink in hand secured in the party room I bounced through the door and rang these clanging bells above my head announcing:

"Ladies and Gentleman!,

Some of you believe you are here for family photos and others for a BBQ,

But I have to tell you you are all wrong!

Let me be the first to welcome you to Fiona and Andrews Wedding!"

There was an abruption of clapping and shock as everyone began congratulating the Bride and Groom before I ushered them to the secret ceremony setup hidden at the top end of their backyard.

They had a custom service full of quotes from Pink Floyd, and mention that they felt like at times their love story was like "two lost souls swimming in a fishbowl."

There were many times that Andrew and Fiona had crossed paths ever so briefly, Fiona described their journey as a series of chance meetings and many sliding door moments leaving them like passing ships in the night until the time for them to meet and marry was right.

And now they were ready for their new chapter together along with their family and friends.

I had a blast with these guys! Keeping the surprise, seeing everyone's shock and of course being able to be a strawberry lady!

Photos supplied by: Sarah at Essjay Photography - Forbes NSW

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